Design House

  • Study
  • Inspire
  • Grasp
  • Corroborate

What and Why
  • On receiving brief from marketing person, we study the client and their requirement
  • We analyze their pain points through interview & observations noted by marketing personnel
  • We breakdown the project into user, product, brand, needs and reasons for change

Generate Idea
  • Using research as inspiration, we brainstorm ideas
  • Ideas are captured through concept sketching and storytelling
  • During brainstorm, ideas are tossed and bounced with an goal to capture all angles of the story
  • Then these concepts are discussed with cross functional team to narrow the scope of leading designs

First Look
  • Ideas come to life through virtual modeling and photo realistic rendering
  • Industrial design, engineering and manufacturing collaboratively work to ensure products functionality and styling

Shaping Models
  • These designs are then given physical form by rapid prototype lab